A load of wondefully new questions that you should ask me
  • 1: Apart from water, what drink/food can you not live without?
  • 2: If you were born the opposite sex, what would you have been called?
  • 3: Bears or Cows?
  • 4: How long can you breathe underwater?
  • 5: If you were a racing driver, what number would your car/bike be?
  • 6: Out of all the times you've died your hair, what colour do you think suited you best?
  • 7: What is your favourite perfume called? And what does it smell like?
  • 8. Talk about a good deed you have done
  • 9: Who lives in your current home?
  • 10: Explain the items on one of your shelves in your room?
  • 11: A picture of a toy/bear that you still have since you were born
  • 12: What would you wear the gym?
  • 13: What did you have for dinner yesterday?
  • 14: Name a song that has made you cry?
  • 15: Describe your perfect pizza?
  • 16: How many pillows do you sleep with?
  • 17: Do you believe in mermaids?
  • 18: What is your favourite toast topper?
  • 19: What country do you wish you were born in?
  • 20: What token do you play during a game of Monopoly?
  • 21: What is your favourite kind of pie?
  • 22: Do you know any identical twins?
  • 23: What is your blood type?
  • 24: If you could re-decorate any room in your home, what room would that be?
  • 25: Have you ever won anything at the fair?
  • 26: Name a scary movie that has given you nightmares
  • 27: Have you ever had a near death experience?
  • 28: What was the worst nickname you've ever had?
  • 29: If you could bring someone back to life, who would that person be?
  • 30: Who was your first kiss?

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